Hi, I'm Charlie

Software Developer at Glean
Computer Science Graduate
Clarinet & Saxophone Enthusiast


I created a multiplayer version of the classic game Battleships for the "unPhone". The unPhone is a connected Arduino-like device, powered by the ESP32 micro-controller and Adafruit kits.

C++ Arduino Hardware

Boats Animator

An open-source stop motion animation program created using Electron. Home to an active community and over 30,000 downloads.

Electron JavaScript Node.js

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MP3 Stream Recorder

Command line tool for recording an MP3 stream to a file. It can be set up to integrate with apps such as Slack via IFTTT. Created for the University of Sheffield Music Players' Society Radio Show.

Node.js Internet of Things IFTTT


Music Players' Society

I created a WordPress powered website for a University society. The website design takes inspiration from the society's branding with a clean and minimalist appearance.

WordPress CSS MySQL

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NW.js Packager

Build your NW.js app and generate archives, packages, setup files and more! nwjs-packager focuses on making building NW.js "just work".

JavaScript Node.js CLI



My dissertation title was "Identifying The Most Important Parts of The GB Rail Network". It involved working with network theory to analyse Network Rail open data.

Java API Development Network Theory