Boats Animator

A free open-source stop motion animation program.

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Boats Animator is a free and open-source stop motion animation program for Windows, macOS and Linux. Its intuitive interface caters to animators of all levels and offers many powerful features. The program has been open sourced under the GNU General Public License and contributions are welcome to the project’s active GitHub repository.

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Instant Playback

Playback Instantly preview your captured frames with Boats Animator. Unlike other programs, there is no need to wait for the frames to process.

Onion Skinning

Onion skinning This professional feature helps keep your animations smooth by showing you a translucent version of the last image captured.

Open Source

GitHub logo New features are always being added to Boats Animator by people just like you. Your suggestions and contributions improve Boats Animator for everyone.

For Windows, macOS and Linux

Cross platform Boats Animator is built with web technologies which means it runs equally well on all major desktop operating systems.


Windows macOS Linux
Boats Animator 0.7.5 installer Boats Animator 0.7.5 .zip file Boats Animator 0.7.5 .tar.gz (64 bit)
Boats Animator 0.7.5 .zip file   Boats Animator 0.7.5 .tar.gz (32 bit)


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